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About Us
Never underestimate the impact of good quality locks in your life. This is what we say to our customers every day at Locksmith Kirkland, and we want you to know what we mean. Locks are arguably the most used mechanical devices in the history of humanity. With their tiny mechanisms and strong materials, they fulfill a role pretty basic in our culture: keeping our stuff away from other people. It may sound rather simple, but as crime rates indicate, sometimes a regular lock is not enough, and that’s when we come in handy.
We are an enthusiastic team of security hardware experts dedicated to the design, installation and repair of household, commercial, and automotive locks and other protective devices.
Being a locksmith nowadays is a different deal than before, and our history proves how we evolved and survived every change.
The beginnings
Our business started the in the 70s as a mobile service only. Our founders moved in the company truck, fixing locks in the Totem Lake neighborhood and surrounding areas. After the zone had been annexed to the city of Kirkland, they decided to rename the business and Locksmith Kirkland was officially born. By 1977 the first agency was opened after completing the registration and licensing process.
The first change
Technology has always been a determining element in our business model. In the 80’s, the arrival of the surveillance hardware changed the way people managed their security. The awareness they provided increased their demand, and we quickly adapted and included them in our stock. We went through the necessary training to learn how to operate, repair and install these devices.
Transponder keys and automotive security
As car theft rates increased, car manufacturers started to include more sophisticated responses. The transponder key, a mechanism that communicates your car with your keys using radio signals, was an effective security measure. In the late 90’s our car security branch quickly specialized in these devices and mastered their install, repair, and programming.
New century, new security
By 2010, Kirkland vibrant growth attracted many business owners looking for opportunities to capitalize the population increases. Business security requires heavy duty hardware as there is a lot of people operating them on a daily basis. Also, when it comes to bigger enterprises, additional measures must be taken, especially in bigger buildings. Locksmith Kirkland hired professionals in diverse areas to provide advanced solutions to control access selectively. These devices are keyless and use alternative authentication methods. Today, we are the main providers of such devices in the city.
Locksmith Kirkland present and future
Today we are home to dozens of talented professionals eager to solve your problems. Security is no game, and you should only put yours in the right hands. In the future, we plan to extend our business by opening a few agencies in Redmond, Bellevue, and Woodinville. Perhaps we will have to come up with a new name!